Vacancy Announcements for Key Alumni Association Positions

The FDA Alumni Association is looking to fill the following three positions with members willing to contribute to the continued growth of the Food and Drug Alumni Association. These are senior positions within the leadership of the FDA Alumni Association. Each is an unpaid volunteer position, allowing incumbents to work with a dynamic team of former FDA leaders. Applicants must be an FDAAA Member in good standing. Applicants should be willing to devote several hours per month to the duties described below.

How to Apply: Applicants should send an email to Dr. Stephen Sundlof, Chairman of the Nominating Committee ( indicating the position of interest along with brief description of your background and experience. Please submit applications as soon as possible but no later than January 15, 2106 for consideration.

1. Treasurer

  • Paying expenses incurred by the Association.
  • Overseeing the annual budget process for the Association
  • Receiving payments of membership dues and payments for Association events
  • Providing budget reports, including budget updates at board meetings.
  • Maintaining a thorough understanding of the Association's online payment service (PayPal).
  • Working closely with the Chair of the Membership Services Committee to keep membership list up-to-date.
  • Attending quarterly board meetings and participating in monthly Executive Committee conference calls.

2. Chairman, Activities Committee

  • Recruiting additional members of the committee to share program tasks
  • Building a vision and team of volunteers that will do the vital work of planning and organizing social and educational events for FDAAA members and Associate members and other group activities
  • Planning and organizing monthly or bimonthly events featuring FDA staff or other speakers of interest, including annual events like the Commissioner's Spring Fling and the sponsored winter reception
  • Working with others to expand activities throughout the country to broaden engagements to all FDAAA members
  • Working with the Communications Committee to ensure photos and write up of events occur and are posted on the website in a timely manner
  • Conducting agency outreach, in coordination with the Executive Leadership team, to ensure that FDAAA is meeting its mission to support FDA
  • Organizing annual panel for Commissioner's Fellows
  • Managing the scholarship function for the FDAAA
  • Participating in bi-monthly conference calls for Committee Chairs
  • Attend quarterly board meetings

3. Chairman, Associate Liaison Committee

Applicants to this position must also be a current employee of the FDA and become an Associate FDAAA member in good standing.

  • Promoting awareness within FDA of FDAAA membership opportunities, educational and other special association events, and cooperative activities among FDA headquarters and field employees;
  • Identifying specific program and operational assistance needs within FDA in order that FDAAA members with technical, scientific, institutional and other specialized knowledge and experience can be leveraged by the Agency.
  • Acting as conduit through which information on matters of mutual interest is exchanged between the FDA and FDAAA;
  • Participating in FDAAA's Board of Director Meetings to ensure the views and interests of all Associate Members are adequately represented and considered by governing officials on matters affecting the strategic direction and programs of the association. Also provide as-needed consultation to FDAAA's Executive Committee.
  • Attending quarterly board meetings.